Prime Institute of Public Health


Prof. Dr. Najibul Haq - Advisor Health and Education, Prime Foundation
Prof. Dr. Saeed Anwar - Director PIPH

Post-graduate Programs, Policy and Research Unit
Dr. Muhammad Fazal Zeeshan - Director PGPU
Dr. Umair Qazi - Assistant Professor and Epidemiologist
Dr. Naveed Sadiq - Assistant Professor (adjunct faculty)
Prof. Dr. Saeed Farooq - Honorary visiting faculty
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees - Honorary visiting faculty
Dr. Junaid Ahmad - Assistant Professor
Abdul Latif -Coordinator Academics

Public Health Interventions and Research Unit
Dr. Usman Ahmad Raza - Director PHIU
Dr. Muhammad Sharif - Deputy Director
Ahmad Ali Nauman - Program Officer
Osama Zia - M & E Officer

Environmental Health and Research Unit
Dr. Salma Khalid - Assistant Professor

Sabir - Finance Officer

Support Staff
Asif Khan
Amir Rehman
Ibrahim Khan
Zubair Akbar