Prime Institute of Public Health



Assistant Professor
Languages: English, Urdu, Pashto
Expertise: Disaster Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Public Health Interventions, Research Writing, Proposal Writing, Curriculum development, Medical Education (Diabetes, Hepatitis & Osteoporosis)
Research Interests: Public Health Management in the context of Disaster and, Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

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Phone:+92-91-5202169 Ext. 304

Dr. Junaid Ahmad is a PhD in the field of Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation, and Management (DPMM) with specialisation in Disaster Medicine, Public Health & Complex Humanitarian Emergencies from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) -Thailand (QS 2018 Subject Ranking in Built Environment 150-200). Prior to joining the doctoral study, Dr Junaid Ahmad worked with world’s leading humanitarian organizations including Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, Islamic Relief (UK) Pakistan Program, Eli Lilly (Pvt) Ltd, USA, United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and International Rescue Committee (IRC) Thailand. The main area of research for Dr Junaid Ahmad is to understand the different dimensions of Natural and Man-made disaster with a public health perspective.

Dr. Junaid Ahmad won multiple prestigious fellowships, including JASSO-MEXT Japan; Erasmus Spain, The PolyTechniuqe University-Hong Kong, School of Nursing Pre-Doctoral scholarships, and the prestigious International Social Science Council (ISSC) student award. Dr Junaid Ahmad attended Kyoto University Japan, University of Granada Spain, The PolyTechniuqe University Hong Kong, University of Indonesia, and Kasetsart University Thailand for different courses.

Selected Publications

  • Junaid Ahmad, Mokbol Mosrshed Ahmad. "Assessing the public health impacts of disasters: A retrospective study of the October 2015 Hindu Kush earthquake in Pakistan.” International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier – Q1 - Impact Factor 2.58]
  • Junaid Ahmad, Mokbol Mosrshed Ahmad, Anees Ahmad, Nafees Ahmad "Mapping the Displaced Population with Reference to Social Vulnerabilities for Post-Disaster Public Health Management" Geospatial Health [Page Press – Q2 - Impact Factor 1.81]
  • Junaid Ahmad, Mokbol Mosrshed Ahmad, Haleema Sadia "Using Selected Global Health Indicators to Assess Public Health Status of Population Displaced by Natural and Man-made Disasters" 13 March. 2017. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction [Elsevier – Q1 - Impact Factor 2.58]
  • Haleema Sadia, Muhammad Jawed Iqbal, Junaid Ahmad, Arshad Ali, and Anees Ahmad. "Gender-Sensitive Public Health Risks and Vulnerabilities' Assessment With Reference To Floods in Pakistan." International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 19 (2016): n. pag. 31 Aug. 2016. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction [Elsevier – Q1 - Impact Factor 2.58]
  • • Junaid Ahmad, Mokbol Mosrshed Ahmad, Elena Espigares Rodríguez. "Earthquake Induced Injuries: Retrospective Epidemiological Analysis of 2015 Hindukush Earthquake in Pakistan" Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness [Cambridge – Q3 - Impact Factor 1.21]
  • Junaid Ahmad, Mokbol Morshed, and Anees Ahmad “Mapping Afghan refugees and internally displaced populations in Pakistan with reference to social vulnerabilities for post-disaster public health management”. Migration, Ethnicity, Race & Health World Congress. 17-19 May 2018. European Journal of Public Health [Oxford – Q1- Impact Factor 2.431]