Prime Institute of Public Health


MS in Healthcare Management

The Master of Science in Healthcare Management (MSHM) degree program is 2-year, 57-credit program. It spans over six semesters and the major bulk of courses are offered in semesters of fall (August-December) and spring (January-April). The summer semesters have internship and administrative residency or research dissertation in addition to the courses on health services and systems research. 

While the core courses are related to healthcare management in different healthcare planning, delivery, and evaluation contexts, the degree allows the students to choose elective courses in other public health areas. It is also different from the MPH (Health Management and Policy) program for the nature of the practicum. The students will have to complete a 7 credit hours administrative residency in a healthcare facility applying the evidence based management skills learned during the program.

Graduation Requirements
The major academic requirements of the 57-credit MSHM program are as follows:

  • Health Management and Policy Core Courses – 41 credits
  • Elective Courses – 6 credits
  • Internships – 3 credits
  • Research Dissertation and Administrative Residency (elective)– 7 credits

The MS in Healthcare Management students will benefit both from a rigorous core curriculum as well as health management specialty training. All courses are designed to be practice-based and skill oriented. Each course uses a diverse mix of learning techniques.

Enrolled students will learn through interactive classroom sessions, case studies-based discussion, presentations, and/or write-ups, individual and group work assignments, homework assignments community assignments, field visits, guided reading, lab and tutorial based exercises, and self-directed learning. All the study material will be hosted on institute’s learning management system.

Before the formal initiation of the coursework, students will have a weeklong ‘Ramp-in’ session of life skills. During second year of the coursework, students will have a weeklong ‘Ramp-out’ session orienting students for national and international job markets.

Program Scheduling

To facilitate participation from mid-career professionals, the academic sessions of the MPH program have been scheduled as follows:

  • Wednesdays – Afternoon
  • Thursdays – Afternoon
  • Fridays – Afternoon
  • Saturday – Full day
The institute’s core faculty will be available to students for continuous professional development sessions, student office hours, research activities, etc. on weekdays (9am-1pm).

MS in Healthcare Management Courses

The Master of Public Health (HMP) degree program is 2-year, 60-credit program. It has six semesters with most of the courses being offered in fall and spring semesters. The summer semesters have internship and practicum or research dissertation in addition to the courses on health services and systems research.

The courses break-up along with the credit hours is follows:

  • Core courses (including five American Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) recommended core areas) – 41 credits
  • Elective – 11 credits
  • Internship, Residency or Dissertation – 10 credits

1st Year Courses

Following are the offered core courses:

Courses Credit Hours
Principles of Public Health Sciences 3
Foundations in Biostatistics 3
Principles of Epidemiology 3
Health System Organization 3
Financial Management and Control in Health Care Organizations 2
Health Economics 2
Health Services and Systems Research I 1
Qualitative and Social Research Methods 2
Healthcare Human Resource Management 2
Healthcare Quality Management 2
Emergency and Disaster Management 1
Public Health Internship (Health Management Focus) 3

2nd Year Courses

Courses Credit Hours
Foundations of Health Behavior and Health Promotion (Elective) 2
Health Services and Systems Research II 1
Environmental and Occupational Health (Elective) 2
Applied Epidemiologic and Biostatitics Methods (Elective) 2
Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health (Elective) 3
Health Services Organization Management/ Health administration 3
Health Information System, and Monitoring & Evaluation 1
Health Services Strategic Planning and Marketing 2
Healthcare Financing 2
Leadership and Change Management 2
Ethics, Equity, and Law in Health care 2
Program Planning, Evaluation, and Project Management 2
Research Dissertation 7
Health Management Residency (Elective) 7

In addition, students will participant in a 3-credit public health internship and a 7-credit practicum or research dissertation during summer semesters.