Prime Institute of Public Health


Applications Eligibility

You are eligible to apply to the MPH (Health Management and Policy) and MS in Healthcare Management programs if you have at least 16 years of education with a bachelor degree. Following are some examples of degrees/areas where interested individuals may have qualifications in:

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Degrees in management sciences
  • Degrees in economics or finance
  • Degrees in social sciences
  • Degrees in information technology related areas
  • Degrees in nursing sciences
  • Degrees in paramedic sciences
  • Other degrees in health related sciences

The Prime Institute of Public Health has an inclusive policy of enrollment and encourages diversity. PIPH is committed to equality of educational opportunity and will not discriminate based on sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, disability, or any other applicable legally protected status.

Online Application

Thank you for your interest in our program. At the moment, there are no admissions.

Eligible candidates will be contacted via email.

Admission Process

The admission process will begin with eligible prospective students filling out the relevant online entrance application form. Once the online forms are submitted, the applications will be reviewed for admission eligibility. All the applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will be called to take an internally developed GRE based written test assessing their basic understanding of Mathematics, English, and logical reasoning. It will also assess the baseline public health information. The test will primarily have multiple-choice questions and the passing percentage will be 50%.

Along with the written test, prospective students will submit a writing sample to demonstrate their written communication skills. The topic for the writing sample will be assigned on the test day. The writing sample will be graded on a five-point scale of 1 through 5 (1 denoting poor, 2: not satisfactory, 3: satisfactory, 4 good, 5: Excellent). Two different evaluators will grade each writing sample and an average score will be calculated. An average passing grade of 3 (i.e. fair) will be required.

Summary of student’s enrollment process:

Once the students pass the written tests as well as writing sample analysis, they will be asked to submit an enrolment application form along with supplemental documentation e.g. copies of their degrees and transcripts. After the enrolment applications are submitted, applicants will be invited to a graded interview. The primary aim is to identify the level of motivation, general purpose, and future long term plans of the prospective students. The previous academic and non-academic achievements will also be assessed during the interview.

Type of assessments along with total marks and passing criteria:

Type of Assessment What will be assessed? Total Marks / Grading Passing Criteria
Test on the pattern of GRE Basic understanding of Mathematics, English, logical reasoning, and public health. [Download Sample Test] 100 Marks 50 Marks
English Writing Sample English writing, communication skills e.g. sentence structure, grammar, reasoning, etc. Grade 1-5 (1 = Poor, 2 = Not Satisfactory, 3 = Satisfactory, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent) Grade 3 and above
Interview The level of motivation, general purpose, and future long term plans of the prospective students. Previous academic and non-academic achievements. 100 Marks 50 Marks
Final decision of applicant’s acceptance will be based on academic record, previous experience, and performance on assessments (test, writing sample, and interview).

Finally the students will have a general medical examination documenting any co-morbidity, allergy, immunization status etc. This will allow the institute to fulfill any medical needs that the students may have.