Prime Institute of Public Health


Core Faculty

Prime Institute of Public Health has the following experienced and qualified core faculty members.

  • Dr. Saeed Anwar
  • Dr. Mohammad Aman Khan
  • Dr. Ihsan ul Haq
  • Dr. Iftikhar Husain
  • Dr. Usman Raza
  • Dr. Muhammad Fazal Zeeshan
  • Dr. Zahoorullah
  • Dr. Ayesha Abdullah
  • Dr. Durdana Khan
  • Dr. Naveed Sadiq
  • Dr. Salma Khalid

Adjunct Faculty

Apart from the core faculty, each of the courses has involvement of reputed public health experts as guest speakers. These national and international experts have years of experience working in their respective public health areas. The institute has latest audiovisual conferencing facility to support participation of international experts. Some of these experts are:

  • Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta
  • Dr. Omar Kasule
  • Dr. Ejaz Shafi Gilani
  • Dr. Allard E. Dembe
  • Dr. Muhammad Arif
  • Dr. Zahid Butt
  • Dr. Babar Qureshi
  • Dr. Tahir Nadeem
  • Dr. Abdul Jamil
  • Dr. Muhammad Rafiq
  • Dr. Sajjad-ur-Rehman
  • Dr. Shabina Raza
  • Dr. Palwasha Haider