Prime Institute of Public Health



Public Health Interventions

Languages: English, Urdu, Pashto
Expertise: Health Information Systems, Project Management
Research Interests: Health Information Systems, Project Management

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Phone: +92-91-5202169 Ext. 102

Dr. Usman Ahmad Raza has graduated from Harvard School of Public Health with a degree in Health Policy & Management. Dr. Raza has worked in the Department of Community Health Sciences as an Assistant Professor on his return to Pakistan. Being a devout IT enthusiast, he has implemented health information systems for several health projects. He has also served as Program Officer at GFATM. Currently, he is the Director, Public Health Interventions Unit at Prime Foundation, Pakistan. Dr. Raza has served in a variety of roles involving public health policy development on national and international fronts. Coming from a medical background, Dr. Raza has seen the challenges Pakistan’s health sector faces. These challenges have inspired him to devote his career to understanding complex health issues. With an eye for informatics, he hopes to reshape healthcare delivery models to improve health quality and safety.

Dr. Usman's professional and research interests include Health Information Technology, mHealth and Healthcare Quality.


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