Prime Institute of Public Health


Analysis of FATA DHIS and Development of Quality Assurance Plan

Project Partner(s)
International Development and Relief Foundation, Canada

Sep '10 - Dec '10

This collaborative venture was targeted towards the flood affected population of Charsadda and Nowshera. The aim was to provide relief, distinct from other efforts, by combination of both preventive and promotive care.


  • Outpatient services for minor injuries and common diseases with an average turnout of 350 patients/day
  • Health education of all patients visiting the clinic which included topics such as nutritional counselling, ante-natal care, personal hygiene
  • Provision of water purification sachets to all patients visiting the clinics
  • Provision of food supplements for pregnant women
  • Free screening tests for pregnant and lactating women including Haemoglobin, Urine Albumin & Sugar, Blood Sugar, Hepatitis B & C tests
  • All patients were provided a 3 to 5 day supply of medicines free of cost
  • Disease surveillance based on Disease Early Warning System
  • Winter packages were distributed among 210 families
  • Access was provided to basic curative and preventive health services in an area with an estimated 1.9 million flood affected population

An estimated 15,738 patients, including 6390 male and 9348 female patients, have directly benefitted from this project.