Prime Institute of Public Health


Project Partner(s)
Implementing Partner: Prime Foundation
Collaborating Partner: Agha Khan University
Sponsor: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Aug '12 - Apr '14

To document the effect of reinforced communication, community buy in, private sector engagement and IPV on maternal and childcare immunization.

Children under five years, pregnant and lactating women.

Study Design and Methods
It’s a cluster randomized trial with three study arms (A, B and C) to compare the effect of routine programmatic activities in Arm A with two sets of intervention packages, i.e.,

  • Routine activities + Reinforced communication + Community Buy In, in Arm B
  • Routine activities + Reinforced communication + Community Buy In + IPV, in Arm C

  • Capacity building of the project and DoH staff in surveys, community mobilization, phlebotomy and environmental sampling
  • Health education of the relevant communities including provision of augmented MCH care services to pregnant and lactating women including oral and injectable immunization.