Prime Institute of Public Health


18th November 2015 Teachers Training: Capacity Building of School Teachers of Peshawar District regarding Adolescent Mental Health

Prime Institute of Public Health (PIPH) Peshawar is conducting a series of teachers’ trainings in collaboration with Department of Pediatrics Peshawar Medical College (PMC) on capacity building of school teachers. The project is directed at teachers working in middle and high schools of Peshawar from both public as well as private sector. The aim of these training sessions is to enable school teachers understand the basic issues regarding mental health in adolescents and to impart them with skills of counseling these issues. Furthermore these training will help in promoting a healthier learning environment by improving student-teacher relationship. The project will yield benefits to a total of 80 teachers from 16 schools (avg. strength 500 students) of Peshawar, resulting in a reach out to about 8000 students of Peshawar District. Training sessions will be conducted by trainers from Prime Foundation. A total of four 1-day training sessions are planned. Each of the four sessions is further divided into two separate modules of child, and adolescent mental health. Sessions comprise of PowerPoint presentations, open discussions, group work and learning videos on anger and stress management techniques. A pre as well as post test is conducted during training of each batch of teachers. So far, in the first two training sessions conducted on 13th and 17th February 2015, a total of 43 teachers participated from 15 schools across Peshawar District. Overall, 16 male while 27 female teachers participated in the training sessions.