Prime Institute of Public Health


Capacity Builiding in Women from Flood Affected Areas of Charsadda and Nowshera

Project Partner(s)
International Development and Relief Foundation, Canada

14 months

The goal of this project is to contribute towards the improvement of family health through strategies targeted at capacity building of women in the flood affected districts of KPK.


  • A comprehensive 6 week refresher course for midwives with focus on practical skills
  • Access of trainees to patients in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of Kuwait Teaching Hospital
  • Outcome based curriculum designed with the help of formal needs assessment, thereby addressing the weaknesses in the previous trainings of midwives
  • Supervised practical training in the ward
  • Models, mannequins and multimedia support
  • Regular monitoring to assess progress and to add or rectify any component of the curriculum
  • Hostel facilities and a stipend for the duration of the stay of the course
  • Free delivery kits at the end of successful completion of the course

The project will directly benefit 128 practicing midwives (age 18-50) by providing them opportunities to improve their practical skills. In the long term, this project will benefit thousands of families in the target region, who receive care from these midwives.