Prime Institute of Public Health


Project Partner(s)
Aga Khan University

Trust for Vaccines and Immunization

Project Background
The current project represents the extension of the scale-up phase of a recently completed project of Aga Khan University in collaboration with Prime Foundation (and its subsidiary Prime Institute of Public Health) and other partners. The intervention involved delivering IPV through health camps combined with a focused community mobilization effort, and achieved a coverage rate of about 80% at all sites and an increase of routine immunization. The delivery of IPV was found to be acceptable and feasible within the community and no serious adverse event following immunization was observed.
The extension phase of this project (MCCP2) in targets districts of Lakki Marwat and Tank in KP and South Waziristan Agency of FATA.


  • To implement a single strategy of delivering IPV, routine immunization and MNCH services at scale in selected districts and areas of FATA and KP linked with advocacy and local information campaigns (a health and immunization campaign).
  • To conduct impact evaluation of proposed strategy through standard design and assessment methods.