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Economic Affairs Division Signs MOU with Prime Foundation


General body meeting of PAFEC KP Chapter held at PMC


PIPH faculty’s research on hand washing behavior change published in Oxford Journal of Public Health


PIPH faculty's article published in WHO EMRO's East Mediterranean Health Journal

Prime Foundation & AKU's collaborative research project published in Lancet - Global Health

Study was regarding community engagement for immunization.


Emergency & Disaster Management workshop in collaboration with Rescue 1122 and PDMA

Participants were trained by specialists from Rescue 1122 and Provincial Disaster Management Authority


Dr. Saeed Anwar and Dr. Umair Qazi’s study on handwashing behavior change is published in Oxford Journal of Public Health. The research was part of a project aimed at improving hygiene and sanitation related behavior of residents of Union Council Nahaqi, a rural area of Peshawar. The project consisted of a pre-intervention survey, followed by a structure behavior change communication program for three months, and an end-line survey. The communication program consisted of faith-based motivational and educational material and key health messages.

All the domains of hygiene and sanitation showed statistically significant improvement. The research findings concluded that a behavior change communication based on community needs, level of their understanding, beliefs and sociocultural norms is effective in bringing about behavior change.

The authors are thankful to PIMA Relief (Center) for funding support to the intervention.

The abstract of the research paper can be accessed here