Prime Institute of Public Health


If you are

  • A student or graduate with non-medical background having job interests in public health sector
  • A health professional interested in planning public health programs
  • A professional already working in development sector and aspiring to serve as public health professional
Then this course is for you!

This introductory course will help you

  1. Learn basic public health concepts along with disease burden
  2. Understand the challenges of vaccination failure and develop future strategies
  3. Recognize major environmental factors affecting disease progression

What will be covered?

  1. Basic concepts in health behavior and genetics
  2. Sources of Information for designing a public health program
  3. Vaccines’ benefits and existing challenges in Pakistan
  4. Conceptual understanding of communicable diseases
  5. Healthy lifestyle and public health determinants
  6. Genetic changes and environmental factors affecting disease progression

Course Faculty
Dr. Abdul Latif (Instructor)
Abdul Latif has earned his degree in Health Policy and Management from Aga Khan University. He has a vast experience of project management with comprehensive conceptual and technical skills in institutional management, health systems research, strategic and operational planning health care programs. He worked for Aga Khan University as project manager for WHO-funded projects in Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR)

Important Information:
Course Registration Deadline: January 29, 2017
Course Fee: PKR.15,000 (visit here for fee deposit instructions)
Course Timing: Friday afternoons
Course Duration: A single session per week (total 13 sessions)

How to apply?
Apply online at