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Prime Institute of Public Health offers year-round internships in various projects and programs for students and young professionals, who wish explore public health as a career option and gain exposure to various public health disciplines. The internship combines opportunities to experience of academic and practical aspects of public health.

Who Should Apply?

Students enrolled in Bachelors or Masters program of any relevant discipline (including but not limited to medical, engineering, management, social sciences, journalism, communication, law, public policy, education etc.) who are interested in gaining exposure to public health are welcome to apply. Those who are not currently studying but are not full-time employed anywhere, may also apply. For specific eligibility criteria, see section on How to apply.

Benefits and learning Opportunities

Interns at PIPH will have the opportunity to observe and participate in a wide spectrum of public health activities ranging from practical field work to academic discussions on health and policy matters of national and international concern. PIPH runs a variety of projects relating to:

  • Primary care

  • Emergency relief

  • Nutrition

  • Mother and child health

  • Immunization

  • Health information systems

  • Capacity building activities

  • Surveys and research

  • Policy and planning

Besides subject specific exposure, interns will also have the opportunity to gain generic skills such as:

  • Information gathering, internet search and literature review

  • Project proposal writing

  • Needs assessment for projects

  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects

  • Report writing

  • General project management skills

  • Communication skills including public speaking, presentations, writing press releases

  • Self-organization and time management

  • Critical thinking, problem definition and problem solving

  • IT skills including use of common office software

  • CV writing and career planning

Interns will also have the benefit of working aside highly qualified and experienced public health professionals. This will be a great opportunity for the interns to learn from these experts and avail career guidance that is generally unavailable to many.

At the end of internship, the internee will receive one or more of the following:

  1. Internship Certificate (requires 90% attendance)

  2. Potential job placements in future projects of PIPH

Facilities For interns

Interns will be provided with a computer station (subject to availability), limited printing facilities and other regular office utilities. Movement to project sites of PIPH will be facilitated by the organization. Upon prior permission, interns may be allowed (but are not encouraged to) a maximum of two days leave in a period equaling four weeks of full-time presence. Internship honorarium may or may not be available. Honorarium, if available, will be decided by PIPH on individual case basis.

General Structure of internships

Minimum duration: 4 weeks full-time (preferred 8 weeks full-time)
Week 1: Orientation to projects, observation, development of specific objectives and plan of activities for the internee through consultation with advisor, ID card for internee
Week 2 - 7: Internship activities according to agreed plan; an internship progress review meeting should be setup by the internee with advisor near the middle of this period
Week 8: Internee will deliver a presentation to PIPH staff and submit the agreed deliverables, in addition the internee will submit a summary report of his/her internship.

Daily timing of internship

Timings will be the same as PIPH official timings, however project work assignments may require working in off hours. Interns will be required to mark daily attendance in accordance with employee rules and regulations of PIPH.

Eligibility for Applicants

The applicant should fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in a Bachelor or Master program in a relevant discipline. Examples of relevant programs include MBBS, BDS, MPH, BBA, MBA, Bachelors/Masters programs in medical sciences, engineering, social sciences, journalism, communication, law, public policy, education etc. Those who are not enrolled in any program currently may also apply provided they are not full-time employed.

  2. Be willing to commit to full-time presence for at least four weeks or part-time (min. 3 hours daily) presence for at least eight weeks consecutively at PIPH.

Application procedure

All applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. Internship application form (download here)

  2. Resume (max 2 pages)

  3. A one page letter of interest explaining why you want to join this internship program, highlighting any specific areas of interest in public health

Interviews and Selection

PIPH will conduct interviews of applicants after receiving complete application form along with required documents, and accept/reject applications after the interview. There is no fixed number of seats for interns, and PIPH reserves the right to accept/reject as many applicants as deemed necessary.

Examples of assignments During Internship
  1. Monitoring and evaluation visits to project sites
  2. Preparing project updates for various donors
  3. Preparation of DEWS summary reports
  4. Developing reporting and recording tools for water quality monitoring
  5. Development of PIPH HR manual
  6. Producing content for PIPH website and Facebook Page
  7. Prepare marketing materials for PIPH
  8. More to be added here

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