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Publications during previous academic year

  1. "Introducing a structured prescription form improves the quality of hand-written prescriptions in limited resource setting of developing countries”. Raza U, latif S, Naseer A, Saad M, Zeeshan M, Qazi U. Accepted for publication in Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice December 2015

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National Scientific Meeting, Abstracts & Presentation

  1. Introducing a Structured Prescription Form Improves the Quality of Hand-Written Prescriptions in Limited Resource Setting of Developing Countries. Raza UA, Latif S, Anum N, Zeeshan MF, Qazi U. 6th Annual Public Health Conference 2015” of Health Services Academy 11th-12th December Islamabad.

  2. Practice and Enforcement of Hospital Waste Management Rules 2005 in Tertiary-care Teaching Hospitals of Peshawar District, Pakistan. Ibad A, Zeeshan MF. 6th Annual Public Health Conference 2015” of Health Services Academy 11th-12th December Islamabad.