Prime Institute of Public Health


Academic staff at Prime Institute of Public Health is involved in multiple research projects covering different areas of public health interest. Some of the currently underway research projects are given below:

  1. Title: Assessment of the consent process among patients undergoing obstetric and gynecologic procedures in four tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar District, Pakistan

    The informed consent is a vital part of routine surgical practice. In addition to the legal and ethical aspects, it facilitates patient’s understanding and cooperation resulting in overall satisfaction of care. A surgical informed consent comprises competent surgical patient, comprehensive information about the risks and benefits of the procedure including any alternative treatment modalities, and voluntary willingness for the procedure. Recent studies have reported significant gaps in the informed consent processes across different care settings. Though to the best of our knowledge, no studies in Pakistan have been reported regarding the qualitative aspects of consent from the patient’s perspective.

    This study aims to determine the patients’ experience regarding the consent process for obstetric and gynecologic procedures in four tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar District. Additionally, it will evaluate the informed consent related knowledge, attitude, and practices of obstetric and gynecologic surgeons at the same hospitals of Peshawar District.

    The institutional review board has already approved the research proposal. The questionnaires have been pilot-tested and currently, data is being collected.

  2. Title: Evaluation of Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program
    Goal: To Evaluate CMAM program in the district of DI Khan, Tank and Lakki using pre reported variables of CMAM project at baseline and follow up visits. The project is structured in three programs given as:
    Supplementary Feeding Program (SFP), Oral therapeutic Feeding Program (OTP), Pregnant and Lactating Women Program (PLW). SFP and OTP Focusses on children from age 6-59 months, while PLW focuses on treatment of pregnant and lactating women in this program.

  3. Title: Health Profile for Peshawar District.
    Goal: To create an updated district health profile for Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan
    Objective: To gather up to date key health indicator data as described in the data section.
    To determine any variation of reported data among selected key health indicators.

  4. Title: National survey on the availability and use of electronic patient health records and information systems of Pakistan” (SEPHRISP)
    We plan to survey the availability, capabilities, and practical on-ground usage of electronic patient medical records in provincial capital cities and capital city of Pakistan We plan to include a representative sample of governmental tertiary hospitals, private hospitals as well as private doctor’s clinics in each of the above mentioned cities.

  5. Title: “National cost estimation of Public Service Announcement (PSA) programs”
    We plan to estimate and publish cost of PSA programs across Pakistan using all the available media outlets including National and Local TV, FM and AM radio, Print and Web Based media.

National Scientific Meeting, Abstracts & Presentation

  1. Introducing a Structured Prescription Form Improves the Quality of Hand-Written Prescriptions in Limited Resource Setting of Developing Countries. Raza UA, Latif S, Anum N, Zeeshan MF, Qazi U. 6th Annual Public Health Conference 2015” of Health Services Academy 11th-12th December Islamabad.

  2. Practice and Enforcement of Hospital Waste Management Rules 2005 in Tertiary-care Teaching Hospitals of Peshawar District, Pakistan. Ibad A, Zeeshan MF. 6th Annual Public Health Conference 2015” of Health Services Academy 11th-12th December Islamabad.