Economic Affairs Division Signs MOU with Prime Foundation


General body meeting of PAFEC KP Chapter held at PMC


PIPH faculty’s research on hand washing behavior change published in Oxford Journal of Public Health


PIPH faculty's article published in WHO EMRO's East Mediterranean Health Journal

Prime Foundation & AKU's collaborative research project published in Lancet - Global Health

Study was regarding community engagement for immunization.


Emergency & Disaster Management workshop in collaboration with Rescue 1122 and PDMA

Participants were trained by specialists from Rescue 1122 and Provincial Disaster Management Authority


Short course in

Foundations in Health Behavior and Health Promotion

Duration: 2 days contact session in a month

Timings: 10:00am to 2:00pm

Prime Institute of Public Health

This course is for you if you are

  • A mid-career and entry-level professionals working in health sector
  • Working in field or health promotion roles in public health/healthcare organizations
  • Interested in learning the basic theories and models that are used in health education. promotion, and behavior

This course will help you

What will be covered?

  • Introduction to health behavior and promotion
  • Social determinants
  • Models of individual behavior
  • Models of interpersonal health behavior
  • Community and group models of health behavior
  • Using theory in research and practice
  • Grant proposals for health promotion programs
  • Health literacy, ethic
  • Social marketing, advocacy and leadership
  • Coalition building, emergency preparedness

Course faculty

Dr. Durdana Khan
Assitant Professor in Community Health Sciences, department of Peshawar Medical College and Prime Institute of Public Health, Graduated (MPH) from College of Public Health, the Ohio State University, USA. With major in Health Behavior and Health Promotion grained significant experience in public health projects related to district health information system, nutrition and mother and child health.

Registration Fee

Rs. 12,000/- Regular


Register Now
Last day of registration: September 12, 2017
Call for details: 091-5202169 - 0333-0282801