Economic Affairs Division Signs MOU with Prime Foundation


General body meeting of PAFEC KP Chapter held at PMC


PIPH faculty’s research on hand washing behavior change published in Oxford Journal of Public Health


PIPH faculty's article published in WHO EMRO's East Mediterranean Health Journal

Prime Foundation & AKU's collaborative research project published in Lancet - Global Health

Study was regarding community engagement for immunization.


Emergency & Disaster Management workshop in collaboration with Rescue 1122 and PDMA

Participants were trained by specialists from Rescue 1122 and Provincial Disaster Management Authority


If you

  • Want to build your career in academia or research
  • Working in field of health policy formulation and analysis
  • A healthcare manager and facing ethical issues in healthcare management
  • An MS, M Phil, or PhD student who is working on thesis
Then this course is for you!

What will be covered?

  1. Health equity
  2. Health, society and justice
  3. Social causes of inequalities in healthcare
  4. Health equity and social justice
  5. Responsibility for health and healthcare
  6. Ethical principles in healthcare
  7. Ethical priorities in public health (autonomy, paternalism, and justice
  8. Islamic perspective of public health ethics
  9. Ethical analysis
  10. Healthcare laws

Course Faculty
Dr. Ihsanul Haq (Instructor)
Dr. Ihsan is a retired civil servant and ex-health secretary (KP). He is an MBBS from Khyber Medical College (KMC) and holds a Masters in Public Health from UCLA (USA). He has a vast experience in health policy and reforms.

Important Information:
Course Registration Deadline: January 29, 2017
Course Fee: PKR.15,000 (visit here for fee deposit instructions)
Course Timing: Monday mordnings
Course Duration: A single session per week (total 13 sessions)

How to apply?
Apply online at http://www.piph.prime.edu.pk/apply